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Avoiding discrimination lawsuits in large organizations

For many successful, large organizations, growth of the company means the expansion of a wider range of employee backgrounds. With many diverse backgrounds, cultural and behavioral differences may cause confusion and frustration in the workplace.

Large organizations must take cautious steps in protecting the well-being and security of all employees. Doing so, they can protect their company from a national ethnic or race discrimination lawsuit. Comfortable employees further project the success of the business, and by enforcing anti-discrimination policies, you may prevent the demise of your organization.

Obvious discriminatory behavior

Large businesses’ employees may face instances of discrimination. Especially for international companies that require the hiring of multi-lingual employees or employees with varying backgrounds, the workplace exhibits a melting pot of business experience.

Unfortunately, discrimination occurs at any level in an organization. Some clear discriminatory behavior among employees include:

  • Harassment and racial slurs
  • Offensive remarks regarding race or color
  • Display of offensive symbols

It is not illegal to tease, make comments or engage in an isolated incident regarding discrimination, but the EEOC reports that any act severe or frequent enough that it creates a hostile work environment constitutes an illegal act.

Protection against discrimination lawsuits

The duty of organizations proves to be the protection of its employees and itself. Prevention of a discrimination lawsuit in your organization may require the following examples of EEOC training and positive environment to be successful.

  • Enforce respect regarding cultural and racial differences
  • Be professional in words and speech used
  • Immediately reprimand discriminative behavior
  • Do not engage in offensive jokes or stereotypical language
  • Create an environment where it feels safe for employees to report instances of discrimination

Employees hold the right to feel safe and comfortable in their workplaces. Identifying and resolving discrimination issues before they occur in your large organization may save your business from turmoil, loss of employees and money and the ultimate destroying of your reputation.

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