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Microsoft says it takes sexual harrassment seriously

From July 2016 to June 2017, Microsoft's chief people officer said that the company received 83 complaints of sexual harassment in the United States. Furthermore, she claimed that nearly half were found to be partially or fully supported following an investigation. The memo was believed to be an effort to show people in New York and elsewhere that the company takes sexual harassment seriously.

The memo goes on to say that are 65,000 Microsoft employees in the United States alone and that the company wants people to voice concerns so that problems can be resolved when they are discovered. Between 2010 and 2016, 238 women filed claims of harassment or discrimination against the company. This was according to a lawsuit filed against Microsoft that further claims that only one out of the 118 complaints of gender discrimination was classified as founded. In addition to the lawsuit against Microsoft, other cases have led to the resignation of venture capitalists as well the firing of Uber executives.

As a general rule, companies have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. This means that they should be free of sexual and other types of harassment or discrimination. If a person is the victim of harassment or discrimination, it may represent a violation of state or federal employment law. An attorney may review the case to determine if a violation has occurred.

This may be done by reviewing evidence such as vulgar text messages, witness testimony or statements made by managers. In some case, individuals may receive poor performance reviews after making a claim of sexual harassment or discrimination that lead to their termination. This may be used as evidence of wrongful termination, which could entitle a person to compensation in the form of back pay as well as reinstatement to his or her position.

Source:, "Microsoft fired about 20 employees for harassment in one year," Seth Fiegerman, 3/16/2018

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