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How to pay workers when the weather is bad

New York residents tend to celebrate the holidays with food and family. However, they may also celebrate with a fresh coat of snow on the ground. In some cases, the snow makes it impossible to operate a business. If an employer decides to close because of bad weather, exempt employees are generally still entitled to compensation. This is because the employer has chosen to keep workers away despite their willingness to work.

Employers don't have to pay non-exempt employees if a company is closed because of inclement weather. The same is generally true if an employer keeps the business operating during bad weather and the non-exempt employee chooses not to show up. In either scenario, an employer may allow such a worker to use available paid time off. In the event that a exempt worker chooses to not show up because of bad weather, an employer may choose not to pay the employee for that day.

However, the company may have to pay those who choose to work from home. Employers may deduct time from a PTO bank if a worker only works a partial day, but an employer is still required to pay the worker for that day if work is done. This is generally true regardless of how much paid time off a worker has available.

An employer that does not abide by state or federal wage laws may face legal action from an employee. Employers may face fines and other financial penalties that may jeopardize the fiscal health of the organization. Those who have questions about how and when employees should be paid should call Egan Law Firm to talk to an attorney. Egan Law Firm may also help employers who believe that they have followed wage and other employment laws despite complaints from employees.

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