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Create policies that set employees up for success

You have worked hard and made your dream come true. You are opening the doors to your business. You’ve researched marketing strategies and created a business plan. You did research to find the right location. You know your demographic. You have researched your competition and are ready to make this long-time business dream a reality.

You know that location is a huge part of a successful business. You also know that the right employees can really make or break your business. As an owner, you want trustworthy employees who want to contribute their skills and knowledge to your company.

Recruit the right candidates.

You will want to make a list of skills and experience required for the job. Consider drafting interview questions that highlight real-life examples of skills, the ability to work with others and problem solving skills. Ask for references, and follow-up with those provided contacts. You will want to consider the attitude of the candidate and see how their personality will relate with you and other employees. Carefully consider the skills, experience and education that the candidate has, and how those will fill gaps within the company.

Set your employees up for success.

You will want to provide your employees with tools that will help them succeed. Implement a goal and performance review system. Allow your employees opportunities to learn. Consider team building and ice-breaker exercises. Provide a comfortable work environment for all employees and encourage collaboration. Mentoring programs could be helpful for cross-training employees.

Put guidelines in place.

Set up an open channel of communication between yourself and employees. You will want to have clear policies in place, and make sure your employees fully understand these policies. Also, make sure they understand any penalties. You should have a reporting system available for employees to comfortably communicate any issues. As an owner, you should understand all discrimination and sexual harassment laws, rules and regulations. Present this information to your employees. Your employees should be able to communicate with one another as team members. It would be beneficial to set up both one-on-one and team meetings with your employees.

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