Taking A Proactive Approach To Protecting Your Business

Susan EganEgan Law Firm, LLC, is an employment law firm committed to supporting business owners, startup companies and entrepreneurs involved in all legal matters related to employment and labor law.

We encourage our clients to be proactive when establishing and running their businesses. Without a designated risk management or human resources team, it can be difficult to ensure that your business is appropriately protected and fully compliant with the law. With more than 30 years of employment law experience, we often counsel and advise New York business owners on compliance with city, state and federal employment regulations to increase workplace efficiency and reduce your risk of a potentially damaging lawsuit.

Dependable Legal Representation For Your Business

Owning a business puts you in a delicate situation and can make you an easy target, which is why it is imperative to have an experienced lawyer in your corner. When a problem arises, we will help you identify the most efficient solution and provide support throughout implementation.

At Egan Law Firm, we strive to resolve issues promptly and minimize the impact on your business. We provide reliable legal representation for all types of employment-related issues, including wage and hour questions, overtime, discrimination, retaliation, and many more. We also frequently assist employers with issues surrounding misclassification of employees as independent contractors.

Specific issues are more complicated and require a more aggressive approach for resolution. As skilled negotiators and seasoned litigators, we are prepared and ready to fight vigorously for your rights.

Is Your Business Safe From Baseless Claims?

You can never be too safe, especially as a business owner. Get the support of an experienced employment law attorney today. Schedule an initial consultation with us via email or by calling 212-619-8456.