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Your relationship with your employees is one of your most valuable corporate assets.  EGAN LAW FIRM regards as its most important task keeping that relationship happy and productive. When a problem arises or when you anticipate problem, EGAN LAW FIRM will help you identify the most efficient and least costly solution to it and help you through its implementation.  We favor a proactive approach and recommend trying to solve problems before they arise.  


Problems with employees often arise when an employee is terminated. If you call EGAN LAW FIRM before you terminate the employee, we may be able to suggest actions which will head off a claim by the terminated employee or at least strengthen the defenses available to your Company if the employee sues.

If the employee files a claim in court or with a federal, state or local agency, EGAN LAW FIRM can help you respond to it and resolve it in a manner that is the least disruptive to your business.

Today, WAGE AND HOUR claims are among those most frequently brought by employees against their employers. A WAGE AND HOUR claim principally seeks overtime.  These actions are also brought by people you pay as INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, who would prefer to be treated as employees for the purposes of seeking UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE as well as OVERTIME.  

Employees also often sue for PREGNANCY DISCRIMINATION, SEX DISCRIMINATION and sexual harassment.

EGAN LAW FIRM can help you deal with these issues both before and after they arise. PLEASE CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.

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EGAN LAW FIRM specializes in EMPLOYMENT LAW and regularly represents EMPLOYERS.  Susan Egan, the firm's owner, has been practicing EMPLOYMENT LAW for more than 30 years.  She has advised EMPLOYERS on POLICIES AND PROCEDURES, drafted EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS and SEVERANCE AGREEMENTS, conducted AUDITS of company payment systems, advised on employee issues in MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS, and represented EMPLOYERS in proceedings in court, before the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and State and City agencies.

EGAN LAW FIRM represents large employers with thousands of employees and offices nationwide and small employers with no more than 15 employees. Where an engagement requires additional expertise, EGAN LAW FIRM works with a network of practitioners with which it has worked over the years.


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